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Mexican Handblown Glasses - Aqua - Set of 4


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If you've never made it to the beaches of Mexico, well then, these glasses will take you there. Handblown and crafted by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico, the blue, sea-green and transparent patterns give each glass its own individual look and feel.

You don't need to go to Cancun to find the beautiful aesthetic of sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea. No, with these art & artist-supporting glasses, you just need to find something to drink.


* Made from recycled glass bottles, repurposed for sustainable art. 

* Size: Approx. 400ml / 13 oz.

* Aqua set comes with 2 blue-white gradient glasses &  2 blue-swirl glasses.

* Made in Mexico by artisan glassblowers.

* Each piece is special and unique due to the hand-crafted nature.

* Each set of 4 glasses comes in a gift box.

Care: Dishwasher safe- Susceptible to breakage with extreme temperature changes. 

Style Tip:

Pair the glasses with the matching artisan crafted pitchers for beautiful and special way to serve your favorite beverage!

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