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Luxe Face Scrub Pads (Set of 7)


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Go reusable and support a local artist with these hand-made cosmetic face scrub pads. Pop of Modern teamed up with a local artist Luxe by Linda to provide a sustainable and decorative twist to one's daily ritual cleansing! Great for washing away make-up and lightly exfoliating the face, or patting one's décolleté dry.


* Made from 100% Cotton fabric.

* Made with an exfoliating material, perfect for people that don’t like harsh chemicals. 

* 7 face pads per pack - one for each day of the week! 

* Reusable & better for the environment than single-use pads!

* The unique design and finger loops are perfect for hanging to dry & displaying these reusable bathroom essentials.

* Hand-made by local artist Luxe by Linda.

* Machine washable (best washed in mesh laundry bags)

* Great for traveling - no more stiff & scratchy hotel towels!

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