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Woodland Snow Soy Wood Wick Candle

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Indulge in the Magic of our Woodland Snow Soy Wood Wick Candle

Experience the calming scent of a snowy woodland walk in the comfort of your home with our Soy Wood Wick Candle. This exquisitely handcrafted candle will instantly create a warm and inviting atmosphere with its natural, woodsy scent. The slow burning wood wick creates a soothing crackling sound reminiscent of burning logs on a winter’s night.

The Soy Wood Wick Candle is made from natural soy wax, offering a cleaner burn than traditional paraffin candles. The unique wood wick provides a soft, enchanting glow and an authentic crackling sound, heightening your sensory experience. This candle is more than just a source of light, it's a medium to transport your senses to a peaceful woodland covered in snow.

Not only is our Soy Wood Wick Candle beautifully aromatic, but it's also sustainably made and eco-friendly. It burns longer than traditional candles, saving you money while protecting the environment. Our candle is elegantly packaged, making it not only an indulgent treat for you, but also a thoughtful and sophisticated gift.

So, as the nights begin to draw in and the temperature drops, turn your home into a cozy retreat with our Woodland Snow Soy Wood Wick Candle. Experience the soothing sound of crackling fire and the tranquil scent of a snowy forest, and enjoy a moment of peace in the midst of a busy life. 



  • Diameter & Height: 3.11 in
  • All natural soy with wood wick.
  • Burns for 50+ hours