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Apothecary Safety Matches

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Apothecary Safety Matches

Spark new life and ambiance into any space with our stylish Apothecary Safety Matches. From bedrooms and living rooms to bathrooms and more, these modern and chic designed matches are the perfect complement to any room. They also make a perfect gift when paired with one of our candles - a combination sure to ignite excitement and add warmth to any home!

Available in Black or White! 


  •  4” Match Sticks • Approximately 150 Matches Per Jar
  •  Safety Matches • Strike Match on Strike Pad on Jar to Light
  •  Glass Jar Size: 3 x 3 x 6.5” 
  •  CAUTION: Handle Matches with Care
  •  Close Bottle Before Striking the Match
  •  Keep Out of Reach of Children
  •  Keep Away from Hot Surfaces and Flames
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