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About Us

We believe in practicality and style – something we like to call “comfortable modernism.”

Let us help you adorn your space with style!


We are a small, family owned company that specializes in modern decor with a touch of comfort. We mix Scandinavian and American Mid-century styles with organic textures and neutral to bold colors. Our mission is to deliver modern design at a price that’s affordable while maximizing comfort and durability for our customers. The result is a line of furnishings that beautifully balances practicality and style – something we like to call “comfortable modernism.” Adorn your space with style and comfort!



We strive to bring you home decor with modern & comfort in mind!

PoM has a great selection of unique pieces from local designers and artists.
We love to support & feature other creatives in
our special editions series,
Make sure not to miss out on these one-of-a-kind items.

The current limited editions we feature handmade items by local artists.
Take a look and help support the local arts.
Featured Artist:
Kristina McManus—Photographer (Fashion and Beauty) and Designer (Painter/Sculpture)