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Mexican Handblown Glasses - Orange Swirl - Set of 4


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Reminiscent of Mexican orange soda, this glassware set is modern, sustainable and stimulating. Handblown and crafted by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico, the orange swirl patterns give each glass its own individual look and feel.

Gather around with friends and make sure to drink and tell about where you got these mood-enhancing artistic glasses.


* Made from recycled glass bottles, repurposed for sustainable art. 

* Size: Approx. 400ml / 13 oz.

* Orange-swirl set of 4 with unique patterns per glass.

* Made in Mexico by artisan glassblowers.

* Each piece is special and unique due to the hand-crafted nature.

Care: Dishwasher safe- Susceptible to breakage with extreme temperature changes. 

Style Tip:

Pairs perfectly with the glass pitcher from the same artists! We recommend setting up a water station in the (home) office to show-off your sustainable and art-conscious aesthetic. Or even better, mix-up some homemade margaritas and serve them with a story for friends and family nights.  

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