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Juliana Bath Collection


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Need some organization and harmony in your bathroom? Unify the look of your vanity space with this classic turn-of-the-century bath set in white and silver. The Juliana Bath Collection will help you store all your hygienic and cosmetic necessities in a smart, stylish manner reminiscent of Victorian-Industrial Revolution sensibilities.  


* Materials made from pure white ceramic with silver metal accents and engraved labels.  

* Ceramic and metal.

* Dimensions: Lotion/Soap dispenser 3'' (D) x 8'' (H); Tumbler 3" (D) x 4.5'' (H); Toothbrush Holder 5.25" (L) x 2'' (W) x 4.25'' (H); Soap Dish 5.75" (L) x 3.75" (W) x 1.25'' (H); Cotton Jar 4" (D)  x 5.25" (H).