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The Dark Concrete Candle - Limited Edition


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The Dark Concrete Candle is part of Pop of Modern's featured artist and limited edition series, as each creation is sculpted and hand-poured by Kristina. Much like the industrial chic style of the Concrete Candle, the Dark series is for all those stark contrast lovers!

These oblong-shaped and hand-painted concrete holders are hand-poured with organic soy-wax blends scented for tranquility, romance, and/or freshness. The holder features a cork bottom to protect surfaces from.

In the Dark Concrete Candle series choose from the boldly-contrasting colors of Black & Gold, Rose-Gold, or Graphite in either Sea Salt & Orchid, Beach Linen, or Mahogany & Teakwood scents. 


* Made exclusively for Pop of Modern by Kristina

* Organic Candle Blend: Soy blend wax made without harsh chemicals and carcinogens!

* Burn Time: 25 - 35 hours

* Protective cork bottom

* Size: 6.5" x 3.25"

** Important CANDLE CARE Tip:

To MAXIMIZE BURN TIME (and for repurposing the concrete holder) ALWAYS TRIM the WICK (ca. 1/4") before re-lighting the candle each time. This helps to avoid soot build-up (that hard-to-remove black resin) and lets you enjoy your candle to the fullest as it will burn evenly to the bottom.  

Style Tip:

After the candle has melted completely, we recommend re-purposing the concrete holder for succulents, car & house keys, or anything that just needs a little organizing!


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